Car tuning: bodykit
Author: Globator
Change side skirt, bumpers and add spoiler.
Second tuning tutorial.

Original picture
(result of “Virtual tuning: wheels” tutorial):


Let’s continue Photoshop tuning of Lada-2112. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to change bodykit. Like in the previous tutorial, we’ll take some parts from “Porsche”:

Rectangular Marquee tool
and set it’s mode to

If you side skirt is not rectangular, use
Polygonal Lasso tool

Select Porsche’s sideskirt:

click on the picture of Lada-2112 and press

Looks good, but it’s too short. Let’s fix it! :0) Right click on the side skirt, and in the drop down menu choose
Free Transform.
Go ahead and resize your side skirt.

Press Enter on your keyboard. Now we should match colors:

Match color with three sliders. First choose color with the upper slider (in my case it’s blue), and then move two others until you match colors.
Don’t forget to activate

Here is what i get:

Now take
Smudge tool
zoom in your picture and begin to click and drag like on the picture:

Looks good already!

So, let’s work on the front bumper. Use
Polygonal Lasso tool
To select Porsche’s bumper.

If your side skirt is still selected, you should deselect it first:
or press Ctrl+D on your keyboard.

Once your bumper is selected, press
click on Lada-2112 picture and paste it:

Resize it in the same way as side skirt: right click on the bumper and choose
Free Transform.

And resize it the way you want:

Press Enter. Now we should match colors as well:


Don’t forget to click on Colorize.

Looks better:

Now it’s a smudge time! :-)
Smudge :

Now select rear bumper in the same way as the front one:

Copy it, then paste into Lada-2112 picture, resize and colorize:

Use smudge if needed.

Let’s add a spoiler!

Do everything in the same way:

Beautiful! I want to blur some areas a little bit:

Blur tool

You ca add some text or pictures on your car
(in the same way as in “Making tatoo” tutorial).

Good luck!


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