Car tuning: wheels
Author: Globator
Learn how to change wheels in Photoshop.
Realistic effect to customize your car.

Original picture:


With this tutorial i start a new serie “Car tuning in Photoshop”and we’ll learn how to make tuning in Adobe Photoshop.

So, let’s start.
I took two car pictures which are taken from the side. You can use my pictures. Our goal now is to learn basics of Photoshop tuning, and these pictures are perfect for this tutorial. Later we’ll learn more complicated tuning.
I took a picture of Lada-2112 :0)

Now we need a picture that will give us rims and tires. The main thing is that this picture should be bigger than the first one. You can find tons of tuning car photos at
I choose “Porsche”.

Let’s flip our “Porsche” horizontal.
Image-Rotate Canvas-Flip Canvas Horizontal:

Now take
Lasso tool
and in it’s options put
Fixed Aspect Ratio: 1:1

And select a wheel: :0):


Click on the first picture and

See where the wheel is? Let’s move it! Take
Move tool
and move it to the place it should be. These wheels have the same size, but sometimes you need to resize it.
To resize it, click on the Lasso tool
(you need to do that to get a drop-down menu) and right click on the wheel you want to resize. You’ll see such menu:

Free Transform.

Go to
and move one of the corners to resize the wheel:

Front wheel is ready:

Do the same manipulations with the other wheel. Car looks different already!

Good luck! And i’ll go to write another tutorial :-)


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