Glowing text
Author: Globator
Making cool glowing text in Photoshop.
Great for headers and logos.

This time we will create a glowing text effect:

Open your Photoshop and create a new file. My size is 300×100 pixels. Fill it with black color (glowing looks much better on black background), take
Type tool and type any text. I took Ben Pioneer font, you can get it here.

Let’s make outer glow effect:
Layer-Layer Style-Outer Glow
and set up some parameters. You should click on indicated rectangle to pick the glow color you want:

In color picker window go ahead and choose desired color. If you want the same effect as mine, just put color index 02fd08 and hit ОК.

Layer-Layer Style-Bevel and Emboss
and play around with settings:

Layer-Layer Style-Gradient Overlay.
You can choose different gradient by clicking on gradient picture in this window:

Add some stroke:
Layer-Layer Style-Stroke.
Click on color rectangle to get desired color. To get the same effect put color index in color picker window: 02fd08.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Stay focused on Photoshop effects with!


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