Make your own Winamp skin
Author: Globator
Easy way to make your own Winamp skin.
You can use your own pictures.

Everybody knows Winamp media player:

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to make our own customized skin such as this:

We can use Adobe Photoshop for making skins for Winamp, but this is not gonna be the best way. Instead of it we gonna use special program
Winamp Skin Creator made by Dimoniusis from Tiger Group. Anyways, you can use your Photoshop skills for creating different effects for the skins.

Go ahead and download
Winamp Skin Creator (1,2 Mb, zip)
from here or from here.

If you don’t have Winamp you can download it here (1,2 Mb).

If you don’t have Winzip download it here (2,4 Mb).

After downloading Winamp Skin Creator create a new folder and name it winampsc. Open zip file Winamp Skin Creator, press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all files and press Extract and extract everything to
winampsc folder.

In winampsc folder find SkinCreator application and run it.

You’ll see this interface:

This program offers three Winamp interface styles. I used Default. You can download new styles by pressing Download New Style.

Now click on
Load Picture
and choose your picture you want to place on your Winamp:

I took a picture of my favorite pudel Babai. I made his stylish “Lion” haircut :0) All you need to do is to move a rectangular area on your picture- that way you choose your skin area. If your picture is too big- resize it in Photoshop using

Image-Image Size.
When a rectangular area is on the right place of your picture, press OK and Close.

Now click on Preview. You can see your skin already.

Now we have to save our skin. Go to Misk and put you desired skin name and your name. And press Create Skin.

Run Winamp and right click on your player’s interface, and choose your skin:

From that moment you can show off your own skin:

Winamp Skin Creator has many other options, so go ahead and check’em out! ;0)

Good luck!


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