easy suntan tutorial

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Easy way to create a realistic suntan.
Very useful and simple effect for your pictures.

Original picture and result of this tutorial:

suntan adobe photoshop tutorial 10 suntan adobe photoshop tutorial 11

We are going to create a realistic suntan in Adobe Photoshop. Some people are too busy to suntan, some just don’t like it. But most of us agree that suntan is attractive and beautiful thing. In Adobe Photoshop you don’t have any limits.
Open any picture. I took a photo of a policeman from New York City.

suntan adobe photoshop tutorial

First we have to select policeman’s face, neck and hands. You can use our favorite tool for selection-
Quick Mask.
Press Q on the keyboard or click on it’s icon.

suntan adobe photoshop tutorial 1

Double left click on the same icon to enter it’s options. Make sure you have the following settings:

Now take
Brush tool
and start to select areas of the skin for tanning. Do not select eyes (and teeth, if your picture has it).

suntan adobe photoshop tutorial 2

All areas are selected now:

suntan adobe photoshop tutorial 3

Press Q to exit Quick mask mode:

suntan adobe photoshop tutorial 4

Hit Ctrl+J on your keyboard to make a layer copy via cut. Press F7, if your layer window is closed.

suntan adobe photoshop tutorial 5

In the upper menu click on the

suntan adobe photoshop tutorial 6

Click on the middle of the curve and move it a little bit in the same direction. Experiment with moving to get the best result.

how to make a suntan in adobe photoshop 6

Now our policeman has a realistic Florida- style suntan:

Have a good suntan!

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