Photo montage
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Learn how to change faces on the pictures.
Only your fantasy limits you!

Original pictures:

Final result:

I haven’t been to Egypt yet, but i plan to. For the moment i decided to become an egyptian guy. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to place your face into another image. You need to find good pictures for that. It will be great if you’ll find a photo with the same emotions on the face, lightness level and the same head position. Sometimes you need to make new photos for making realistic effects.
Ok, let’s start. I took a picture of an egyptian guy and my own photo. It’s time to show my face here :0)

Open a picture of egyptian guy. Take Pen
and select his baseball hat. Then right click on the hat and choose
Make Selection:

Don’t change anything:

Baseball hat is now selected:

Press Ctrl+J on your keyboard to make a new layer via copy. It’ll make our montage easier- we’ll place a new face right under this hat. In layers window you can see a new layer now. If this window closed, press F7.

Open your picture:

Select your head and neck using Pen
Do it in the same way as a baseball hat. You can use another selection tool if you want to.

Go to
Open an egyptian guy’s photo. In layers window click on the layer with egyptian guy:


Take Move tool
and move your head close to guy’s head.

Press Ctrl+T:

In the upper menu click on the indicated icon to keep aspect ratio:

And change head size. 65% works god to me:

Heads have the same size now:

See that head’s positions are a little bit different? Let’s fix it! Right click on the head and choose
Flip Horizontal:

Looks better:

Rotate your head a little bit:

And place it:

Head is placed right under the hat because it’s layer is under the hat’s layer:

Let’s place our head exactly in the place where it should be. In layer’s window click on the head’s layer and lower it’s opacity:

It’s much easier to place the head now:

Zoom in your image. Here we go:

Set head’s opacity back to 100%:

Hit Enter. Egyptian guy is changing already ;0) :

Activate your head’s layer:

And erase hair behind the hat. Do the same with some neck areas. To make it more comfortable you can lower your head’s opacity.


We still have some areas of egyptian guy’s head left. Take

Healing Brush
and click on the layer with egyptian guy:

Hold Alt on your keyboard and click on the background around the head:

And simply click and drag:

Looks much better:

Do the same thing to get rid of some dark areas on the clothes:

See the difference?

Photo montage is almost done, we just need to adjust face color.

Face color should be the same as hand color. Photoshop has a few ways to adjust skin colors. This time we’ll use
Make sure your head’s layer is active. Do not click on

Play around with three sliders until you get what you like:

All we need now is a little shadow on the forehead under the hat. Take
Burn tool
and put these settings:

Make sure your head’s layer is active and draw a shadow:

I feel like i’m in Egypt already!

Have a good photo montage! ;0)


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