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Few days ago i found a computer generated photo on the internet. This photo will be perfect for this tutorial- nobody will be upset. You can get really funny results using this technique.
Open any picture in Adobe Photoshop:

Go to magic filter
or press Shift+Ctrl+X.
This filter has it’s own menu and many settings. In the left menu of this filter find Bloat tool:

This tool makes objects bigger. In the right menu choose appropriate size:

And make each eye bigger (don’t do it too much- you will be scared :0) ):

Do the same with nose and lips:

Now try Pucker tool:

It has an opposite effect- makes objects smaller. Resize something, for example, lips:

Now take magic
Forward Warp tool:

It moves parts of the objects. Move chin a little bit:

I decided to give this guy a massive jaw:

and make his head “a little bit” smaller ;0):

So it will be sort of an ancient guy who doesn’t think and eats a lot ;-) :

Can he smile? Definitely!

Guess what tool should you use to make his ears bigger:

Hit OK and you’ll see a regular menu of Adobe Photoshop. See that background is damaged? Take eye dropper tool and pick a background color:

Then take a brush tool and click and draw using background color. Here is my final result:

Have fun!


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