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Learn how to add tears to your pictures.
Very nice effect.


Before making a realistic tear, you can watch a water drop to see all the details. The main thing is to understand all the shadows and lightness. I should say that some settings should be different for each photo. Try to play around with the settings to get better results. Open any picture in Photoshop:

Let’s make a new layer in layer’s window. If it’s not open press F7 on your keyboard.

Take Brush tool ,
choose hard brush and a proper size:

Zoom in your picture and make a tear:

Here is my tear base:

In layers window change tear layer’s mode to
and change it’s
Opacity to 80%:

If you don’t see your tear you are on a right way! :0) Now go to
Layer-Layer Style-Bevel and Emboss
and use following settings (try to find best ones for your picture). Change shadow mode to Lighten.

Click on rectangle where the 1 is to change shadow color, and choose light grey.

To change gloss contour click on the triangle where 2 is:

You can see your tear now:

Let’s make a light shadow.
Layer-Layer Style-Drop Shadow
and use the following settings:

Here we go:

Also we should add some inner shadow.
Layer-Layer Style-Inner Shadow:

Our tear is almost ready:

We have to add final details. Take
Brush tool ,
and set it’s
Opacity to 45%.
Leave the same brush size.

Zoom in your picture and draw a light way from the eye to the tear.

Here is my result:

Have a good day (with no tears! :0))!


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