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Animated Text Effect

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Knowing how to create an animated text effect in Adobe Photoshop can be useful in making banners, logos, avatars, forum signatures, etc. Here is a simple tutorial for beginners in which i will explain how to create an animated text effect in Photoshop. Final output of this tutorial:

Animated Text Effect

Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new 4×4 px file and zoom it in 1600 times.

Open Adobe Photoshop

We will use it for creating banner background. Take Pencil tool Pencil tool, set it to 1 px and use three grey colors to make the same image:

make the same image

Go to Edit-Define Pattern.

Create a new file. I suggest to use a classic banner size 468×60 pixels. In the upper menu go to Edit-Fill, and choose the pattern you have just created:

choose the pattern

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